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October 07, 2015

Priorities for Earthquake Recovery in Haiti

Haiti earthquake: One Year Anniversary. See this update from Lambi Fund's Executive Director.

Summary: So far, over 500,000 people have fled Port-au-Prince for the rural communities in Haiti. This massive exodus to the countryside has put a tremendous strain on rural communities’ needs.

The Lambi Fund staff convened regional assemblies of local peasants to define immediate needs and prioritize rebuilding. The Lambi Fund is focusing on how to sustain the needs for the mid and long term by working with grassroots groups to rebuild, strengthen, and expand sustainable development in the rural areas. As a result, the Lambi Fund of Haiti has begun implementing a four-phase strategy to help rural communities throughout Haiti cope with this mass exodus.

About the organization: The Lambi Fund of Haiti is a 501(c)(3) organization with offices in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Denver and Miami. Over the past sixteen years The Lambi Fund has supported over 175 peasant-led projects reaching almost two one million Haitians.

The Lambi Fund's mission is to assist the popular democratic movement in Haiti. The Lambi Fund provides financial resources, training and technical assistance to peasant-led community organizations that promote the social and economic empowerment of the Haitian people. As part of its regular programming, Lambi Fund supports new and continuing peasant-led projects all over Haiti including grain mills, seed banks, goat breeding, ox plowing services, fishing, micro-credit funds, irrigation, potable water, irrigation, and reforestation projects

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Support one of the few organizations founded by Haitians and run by Haitians for Haitians. Lambi Fund has been recommended by Google, major news outlets, and philanthropies for donations to help in earthquake recovery. Endorsed by Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance and Charity Navigator, Lambi Fund has been working in Haiti for the past 16 years.

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