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August 27, 2015


Celebrating 20 Years of The Lambi Fund of Haiti

20th Anniversary Celebrated at Camp Perrin

20 years of partnership. 20 years of hope. 20 years of growth. 20 years of sustainability and enlightenment. That is what was the Lambi Fund of Haiti's 20th anniversary celebration in Kanperen (Camp Perrin), South Department was about. It wasn't about the Lambi Fund or what “we” have accomplished as an organization, but rather what our partner organizations have been able to accomplish with your help.

Celebration photo

Members from more than 40 of our grassroots organization partners were present along with the Lambi staff, consultants, friends of Lambi and those who simply heard of the Lambi Fund's good work throughout the years. They brought with them a powerful sense of excitement and encouragement with their smiles and laughter. As each person entered, members of our board and staff greeted them with t-shirts that each person wore that day, Lambi staff and partners alike. Although we were all in different vibrant colors, we were all one. There was no hierarchy or separation of class – something that the Haitian people have suffered from for far too long.

Although this celebration was held in southern Haiti, organizations such as Tet Kole Northwest made the two-day journey just to attend. Some of Tet Kole's members make up a band, Awozam, which performed at the celebration. There was music, there was singing, there was dancing, there was food, and there was merriment. But this was more than just a party. It was an opportunity to reinforce our bond with the people that we serve in rural Haiti and to let them know that they are not alone, that we appreciate their hard work and dedication to succeed and to take care of their families and themselves 

Each person in attendance got the chance to introduce themselves and share where they came from, how they partnered with Lambi, their hardships and how the partnership with Lambi has helped them turn things around. It was an amazing feeling to be able to put faces to the names and to be in the presence of such resilience and strength.




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