The Lambi Fund of Haiti

Supporting economic justice, democracy and sustainable development in Haiti

August 31, 2015

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Today, no one needs to tell you the story of Haiti as a country mired in poverty, suffering from deforestation, and haunted by political turmoil. Those descriptions are sprawled across the international press on an almost daily basis.

What you don't hear is the story we are about to tell. It is a story of incredible people, Haitians themselves, working against all odds. It is a story of committed individuals, while struggling with their own poverty, dedicating their lives to improving their communities and their country. It is an exciting story of true democracy. It is a story with small steps of success. There are few other stories like it in the world.


It is the story of the Lambi Fund of Haiti, an organization that is cultivating a true Haitian democracy from the grassroots, sprouting hope into society.

We are telling this story through the eyes of an American graphic artist who visited Haiti for the first time, working for the Lambi Fund. It was not the way we intended to tell it. But upon her return to the United States, the words she wrote were so powerful they could not be ignored.





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