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June 30, 2015

Lambi Fund in the News

May 8, 2014: Marie Marthe Saint Cyr, executive director of The Lambi Fund of Haiti, was our guest on an interview on Radio-Télé Solidarité—not long after she was honored on March 23 by the nonprofit group EMG Health Communications in a concert at Flushing Town Hall. The interview is here.

In Sandy's wake, experts offer solutions to Haiti's food crisis, Talia Ralph, November 14, 2012—"Haiti is in a rough spot. But these three directors are working to get the country back to its roots, literally.…"

Food Security Emergency Looms for Post-Sandy Haiti, By Mehmet Burk, Melting Glacier Analytics, November 19, 2012: "Before Hurricane Sandy made its fateful journey up the east coast of the United States and morphed into a “Super Storm” spanning from Bermuda to Chicago to the Arctic Circle, Sandy ravaged Haiti and Cuba in the Caribbean…."

For Haiti's Agriculture, The Hits Keep Coming, Posted October 24, 2012 by Sarah Leavitt. "It’s a common scene in Haiti: Marceline, a small farmer, walks into a bustling market to sell her harvest and the marketplace is riddled with imported goods. Fruits and vegetables are from the Dominican Republic, packaged goods from the U.S. line the rows and large bags of rice stamped with USAID lay on the ground…"

5 Issues to Watch as Haiti Recovers from Isaac, Sept. 12, 2012, Environmental Grafitti: "As Haiti recovers from Isaac with the assistance of the international community, here are five long-term environmental and humanitarian issues to watch…"

Harvesting for Haiti's future April 2, 2012, By Sandhya Kumar, Media Global News: "As a quick fix for hunger, many Haitians resort to biscuits made from dirt, water, and available oil, salt, or butter. Over two years and billions of dollars in aid later, Haiti is still working to find a firm footing in its recovery. A key impediment to sustained progress has been food insecurity for approximately 4.5 million Haitians.…"

Alumni, Faculty Dedicated To Haitian Recovery, by Anita Balakrishnan, Lifestyles editor, DU Clarion, University of Denver Student Newspaper. "Last Wednesday marked the two-year anniversary of the devastating Haiti earthquake, which tugged at the heartstrings of the DU community and the world&hellip" Published: Monday, January 16, 2012

Haiti's Horrendous Teenage Prostitution Problem—With fewer shelters, more girlsmany orphans from the quakehave no choice but to have sex just to scrape by. Lisa Armstrong reports on their brutal reality and the aid groups trying to help. The Daily Beast, June 17, 2011 6:36 PM EDT

Finding the hope in Haiti a year after earthquake, written by: Jeffrey Wolf written by: Anastasiya Bolton., Denver, CO

One year later: Haiti after the earthquake, by William Farrington, 12/28/2010, Carribean LIfe: Interview with Josette Perad.

People Must Be the Agents of Change: The Lambi Fund of Haiti, 11/18/2010, features Beverly Bell's interview with Josette Perad.

20 questions with Marie Saint Cyr (6/2010), head of Lambi's Board of Directors. Cyr believes that lasting change in Haiti has to come from the grassroots—rather than through outside powers that have interfered in Haiti for centuries—and that sustainable agriculture has to be at the center of the country's future. An interview with Marie Saint Cyr by Web Editor/Associate Editor Jeremy Gantz.

6 Months After Earthquake, Haiti Struggles to Rebuild, July 8, 2010, by Caroline Preston and Nicole Wallace: U.S. relief organizations have received $1.3-billion, but critics say some charities hamper aid efforts.

Protect Rural Refugees, Too, By Leonie Hermantin, June 1, 2010, Miami Herald.

Haitian women play a central role in Haitian agriculture/Support Haiti peasant-led projects, Support the Lambi Fund, by Ezili Danto, May 25, 2010, Haiti Rewired.

Five Questions Monsanto Needs to Answer about its Seed Donation to Haiti, by Jordan Namerow, The Jew and the Carrot, May 18th, 2010. "Some tough questions need to be asked and answered before well know whether or not Monsantos donation will help or hurt long-term efforts to rebuild food sufficiency and sovereignty in Haiti."

PBS Newshour, Air Date: May 13, 2010. Haiti's Non-Governmental Organizations Fill in for Shattered Government — In the first of two reports from Haiti, Dave Iverson of KQED in San Francisco describes Haiti's struggle to rebuild after the earthquake and the crucial role of non-government organizations in the relief effort.

From Disaster to Solidarity: Best Practices In Meeting the Needs of Haiti's Earthquake Survivors, April 2010, by Beverly Bell in Other Worlds.

HAITI: Women demand role in reconstruction , April 2010.

Marie St. Cry interview on WBAI-FM Pacifica (NYC), 3/24/2010 interview begins at time stamp 23:11.

Video interview with Marie St. Cyr on Grit TV, 3/30/2010, begins at time stamp 9:30.

A bottom-up transformation, 3/17/2010, By Leonie Hermantin, Miami Herald.

Leonie Hermantin interview, 3/10/2010, with the nationally syndicated Pacifica Radio program "Free Speech Radio News."

Feeding Dependency, Starving Democracy&hellip Still, March 2nd, 2010, By Nikhil Aziz.

Poetry Contest…

Lambi Fund Executive Director recognized as a vital link in aftermath of Haiti quake, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver.

'Kembe Fen' — Stand Firm in Solidarity with Haiti, January 25, 2010 posted by Linda Basch.

Ghetto Biennale: Recycling and imagination inspire the art of a Haiti slum

The Latest Maxwell News mentions Lambi Fund.

Minding the Resource Gap II: Value-Added Grantmaking at Work , By Betsy Brill, EGA Journal, Fall 2009

The Lambi Fund of Haiti Expands Outreach to NYC

Analysis: Haitian Women: Pillars of the Economy, and of Resistance, by Masum Momaya, 9/10/2009. Faced with enormous debt, poverty, political instability and ongoing violence, Haiti is struggling on multiple fronts. Women, though, are continuing the legacy of resistance and reform that has characterized the country since its founding more than 200 years ago.

Deputy Director Receives 2009 Community Service Award from the Haitian Diaspora Unity Congress, August 8, 2009.

A Worthwhile Cause,, February, 2009

How Haiti Hopes To Break The Cycle Of Disaster: Restoring Its Lost Forests, The Guardian UK, November 2008

Groups Overcome Challenges To Help Haiti's Storm Victims, Miami Herald, September 2008.

A Day In The Life of Leonie Hermantin, HangProud, September 2008.

A Day In The Life of Karen Ashmore, HangProud, August 2008.

Sustainable Plantain Production In Haiti Is An Important Step Towards Food Security, MediaGlobal, 28 July 2008.

A Million Trees for Haiti: Global South Partners Address Climate Change, EGA Journal 2008.

Rocky Mountain Conference, United Church of Christ news, October 2007 — Haitian Organization Led by RMCUCC Member.

Charity Navigator, July 7, 2007 — Lambi Fund Receives 4-star Rating (highest).

New York Times, June 10, 2007 — Eat Locally, Act Globally.

Daily Camera, Boulder, CO, June 2007 — Nonprofit Spotlight: Lambi Fund of Haiti.

Haitian Times, June 14, 2007 — Nurturing a Long-Term Commitment to Haiti.

Broomfield Enterprise, May 9, 2007 — Local Activist, Nobel Winner Work To Reforest Haiti.

EGA News — a magazine published by Environmental Grantmakers Association, Winter/Spring 2006.

WOMEN'S eNEWS—names Josette Perard Leader for the 21st Century, January 2006.

ERITAJ CHRONICLE-A newsletter for the friends and supporters of Haiti, October 2005.

RESULTS — An eNewsletter Published by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO), October 2005.



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